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Welcome to Agape Health & Agape Fitness

Agape Health offers integrative healthcare & Agape Fitness offers group and individual fitness training all under one roof. We believe in treating the whole patient and utilize various modalities to insure a connective whole body approach to health.Our goal it to have your body functioning at it’s highest level.

Fitness and Functional Movement are an integral part of a healthy body.Therefore in many instances we will prescribe physician monitored fitness which we do here.

We are here to help you through every part of your life offering care from pregnancy and on throughout your family’s life. Sports injury recovery and correction are a passion and speciality of Dr. Krugy and our staff. We will help you recover from an injury and work with you to help prevent future injuries.

As a full family Practice we are proud to have Dr. Bradshaw, who is Licensed by the State of Nevada Veterinary Board to practice Animal Chiropractic treating your beloved pets for what ails them.

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The doctors at Agape utilize Active Release Technique, Graston and other forms of deep tissue treatments to aid and speed recovery. Injury specific, or performance enhancement exercises are taught as well as proper stretching and mobility training. Nutritional recommendations are available to patients interested in whole body health. Consultations for new patients are free.

The doctors and staff at Agape Health take your wellbeing very seriously. You can expect to spend at least 30 to 45 minutes with one if not two of our doctors as they examine, diagnose, and treat your specific condition. The doctors will teach you about your condition and teach you everything you can do in-between visits to keep your progress moving forward. In addition to treating acute and chronic conditions, the doctors at Agape also provide fitness training in their private gym, preventative exercises, and nutritional advice as well as offering conservative treatments for many conditions.

Dr. Krugly is the only Chiropractor in the state of Nevada listed in The Whiplash Resource Network. The Whiplash Resource Network is a website where patients who have suffered a whiplash injury can search for medical and legal providers in their area. The website also has information and links to learn more about the causation of injury and treatment options. To be listed The Whiplash Resource Network a physician must possess the proper education and credentialing specific to motor vehicle injuries. Learn more at http://www.treatmentforwhiplash.com/


Established in 2011.

Agape Sports & Family Chiropractic is dedicated to returning our patients back to an active lifestyle as fast as possible…no long drawn out plans. We are an integrated practice utilizing the latest techniques and technologies; your care is highly individualized. Your healthcare and health concerns are unique and we will design a treatment plan accordingly. There is no waiting time (when you arrive for your appointment) and your entire visit will be attended by our doctors. We recognize and treat the whole family; including pets as one of our doctors is an Animal Chiropractor.

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