Chiropractic is a form of natural healthcare. A doctor of Chiropractic medicine, like any doctor gives a consultation, performs an exam, possibly orders and reviews lab work and/or imaging, makes a diagnosis and based on that diagnosis will either treat the patient or refer the patient to a specialist.

Treatment may be aimed at natural approaches to support normal physiology, which can: decrease blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, lower LDL cholesterol, allergies, or increase immune function to name a few.

From a physical medicine perspective treatment may be aimed at decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, increasing joint stability, or increasing athletic performance. Physical medicine treatment may include deep tissue treatment (please see Active Release and Graston) physiotherapies, and Chiropractic manipulations. Some Chiropractic techniques practiced at Agape are:

  • Low force manipulation and/or instrument manipulation, this is a treatment approach suited for patients who do not like the “typical manual adjustments” that create the “popping sound”
  • Diversified adjustments, performed with the doctors hands
  • Table assisted adjustments or Thompson, this is considered a low force adjustment in which the joint is manipulated using a moving table
  • Extremity adjustments, this would include the joints of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, hip, knee, foot and ankle, and ribs and the Temporal Mandibular Joint or “TMJ”
  • Cranial treatments, this is treatment aimed at the joint lines (sutures) of the skull


All treatments and therapies are aimed at bringing our patients back to the same level of health or better, then before they were injured. If the patient is not currently injured and is unaware of an existing condition, the exams and assessments are aimed at improving the current level of health and preventing future problems; a holistic approach to your health. This could include an athlete wanting to improve their cardiovascular health with proper exercise prescriptions to helping an elderly person regain balance.


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