Sports injury and subsequent treatment can be different than other acute or chronic injuries. The demands an athlete puts on their body is often different than that of a non-athletic person. Often times the athlete needs to return to play or to return to sport and time is a concern. As with all our patients our intention is to exam, treat, rehab and release as soon as indicated.

To ensure a fast and lasting recovery specific factors such as training intensity and frequency, rest, recovery and sports nutrition all must be investigated. Exercise form and technique must be analyzed as well as general movement patterns. These parameters are not only important for a speedy recovery but also in injury prevention.

Specific sports call for a specific demand on the body. Cyclists who spend time in the arrow position can attest to the importance of proper mechanics and muscular balance in relation to hip flexors and extensors and of course the ever so important core. Most swimmers and pitchers understand the importance of a well maintained rotator cuff. There are plenty of examples that can be used but the idea is the same, if we put effort in to preventative exercises the chances of future problems is lessened. Further, if the athlete has been doing preventative exercises and does happen to get hurt their recovery will be shortened.

Because of his love for sports and sports medicine, Dr. Krugly treated the Ironmann athletes at the 2013 Ironman Championship, in Las Vegas. Dr. Krugly was the sole Chiropractic Doctor and Active Release provider to offer care to this large group of triathletes.


Sports Injury and Injury Prevention

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