• I’ve been going to a Las Vegas MD for the past year with a stiff neck, sore back and dizziness, after no relief I tried Dr. Krugly and Dr. Bradshaw’s Office. The whole staff knows how to make you feel comfortable. Dr. Krugly and Dr. Bradshaw explained everything as they traveled head to toe on this broken down, 60 year old body. In a short period of time, they also suggested different exercises to keep me moving forward and getting stronger as I go. They also made nutritional recommendations and my total cholesterol has improved as well. I would highly recommend them to anybody who feels they have not received the answers they wanted. I sure do wish I had given them a visit many months earlier. My pain went from a 10 to 0 in no time flat. Thank You to the office staff, and doctors at Agape Health. Agape meaning unconditional love is an understatement. The greatness of a chiropractic care can be judged by the way you feel after being s hands. I am without pain. I love life again.

  • Dr. Krugly and Dr. Bradshaw: I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your help in treating me, my wife, and as strange as it may sound to some, my little girl Bella. (a 6 pound Maltese) My major malady was a result of cervical surgery January 3, 2012, resulting in nerve damage and muscle atrophy. You kept my muscle tissue alive until the nerves were able to grow back and hook up to that muscle tissue. When we started the rehab process I was unable to lift the sheets off my body with my left arm. My left tricep was almost unusable; my pectoral muscle was weak and atrophied as well. I am now back doing Yoga, playing golf and working out at the gym. My tricep and pectoral are about 80-90% of what they were prior surgery. This is truly a miracle from my stand point and the expectations of the surgeon. You exceed my expectations again when you treated my left knee. It was so sore I thought I would have to have it operated on again but you worked on the joint and have relieved 90% of the pain. It no longer hurts to play golf. I practice for 6 hours over the weekend and played 18 holes with no pain. Imagine that… My lovely wife experienced a sciatic nerve condition that kept her from running. Once again you came to the rescue and the injury was alleviated. She ran 5 miles this morning just for the fun. And now for the most amazing of all is what Dr. Bradshaw was able to do for my little girl, Bella (my 6 pound Maltese). She has experienced some physical problems during her years. The most painful is when her back gets twinkled she cries out in pain. There is no solution that I have found except steroids and sometimes morphine injections. One time she was in so much pain I could not stand to hear her cry and I called Dr. Bradshaw for help. It was a Sunday and you met me at your office. My beautiful wife said she thought it would be wasted money. Then she saw a helpless crying 6 pound Maltese get a treatment and began to walk immediately without pain of any kind. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your healing powers. YOU TWO ARE TRULY AMAZING! I RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WHO READS THIS STORY; TO TELL FRIENDS AND FAMILY ABOUT THE MIRACLES THAT OCCUR AT AGAPE HEALTH.

  • For the last few years I have been battling high cholesterol. It wasn’t alarmingly high but elevated enough to bring me and my family physician concern. After losing some weight and adjusting my diet a bit the numbers were still out of range. My doctor was baffled because my exercise and diet was consistent and healthy. Last spring my doctor said she felt it was time to put me on Statin since my cholesterol was still elevated. I was crushed because I didn’t want to resort to relying on this medication; especially with its side-affects. I shared this information with Dr. Krugly and he informed me of certain nutritional and supplemental changes which have been shown to support normal physiology. After implementing these changes for three months I had amazing results! My total cholesterol dropped from 228 to 172, my LDL decreased from 134 to 80, Triglycerides from 101 to 90 and my HDL held at 74. Four months later my total cholesterol and LDL dropped even more! We all were amazed and I am so grateful that I followed the advice of Dr. Krugly. You should too! He’s a fantastic doctor who really cares about his patients and is very knowledgeable, resourceful, and holistic. Thumbs up Dr. K!!!

  • Dr. Bradshaw has worked with two of my dogs. She is so great with my dogs, they felt really comfortable with her – not at all like the vet! They pretty much thought they went there to get lots of love, attention and to feel great. After we got home, I could tell how much easier they moved around and felt better.

  • Start hormone replacement therapy or get a divorce. It sounds like an exaggeration but my struggle boiled down to that choice. I am 40 years old and have struggled with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember.  If I look at other female members of my immediate family- they have it too.  They might deny that they do because vacuuming under people’s feet while they are still eating dinner is completely normal, you know. Since I was 20 years old, I have been prescribed Prozac, Zoloft, wellbutrin, Lexapro, trazadone, Ativan, and Xanax just to name a few.  I stopped my medications when I left my job and lost my regular health insurance.  I felt ok not being on the meds but my PMS was severe.  I was insufferable to live with.  My husband would just touch my hand and I would pull away like I was touched with fire.  Lucky after menses, I was able to think clearly and was a much easier person to live with. I started going to Dr. K at Agape for a strained back.  The staff at Agape is so helpful and disarming, you can’t help but tell them about your other issues and my severe PMS was an issue.  Dr. K suggested a hormone panel, which I was intrigued by!  The results that came back, were shocking.  My hormones were at such a low level mid-month it really explained my PMS symptoms.  It also made me think in retrospective, how many years I was on needless antidepressants for when I just had a hormone regulation issue?  It is a bit frightening. Since the hormone panel test, I have been taking daily HRT, and I have seen a marked improvement in my mood, and -bonus effect – my skin!  No more teenager size zits! My quality of life has improved so much.  On the weekends I will go out for walks instead of lying in bed with the blackout curtains down all day.  My husband is happy as well because he doesn’t have to live in the spare room for one week a month and does not want to divorce me anymore.  So I thank Agape for taking the time with me to do the extra hormone panel to get to root of my issue instead of medicating it.

  • Hi Agape Team,
    I miss you all so very much. I have been longing for an injury to have reason to schedule an appointment, but to no avail. Haha! You guys have blessed me so much. I am amazed at the shape I am in as well as 18 months of no pain relievers.